We have chosen to implement a committee comprised of School Board Members, representatives of the Canton City School System, Canton City Police Department, and North Canton Police Department. This committee has reviewed our safety measures and made several recommendations as follows:


  THE BASIC PRINCIPLE FOR SCHOOL SAFETY: All persons entering the school building must be identified and accounted for while on school property.

  1.  Our visitor booth is located at the Greenfield entrance and will be staffed from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm daily while programs are in session.
  2. Each person needing to enter the building must have identification such as a state driver’s license or other form of ID. Upon leaving the building, the ID will be returned to the visitor.
  3. Parents of  kindergarten students will be allowed to enter and return immediately to the security booth to pick up their ID after escorting their student to his/her respective classroom during the first two weeks of school only.
  4. Preschool parents must check in and swipe their cards before returning to the visitor booth to pick up their ID.

   If a parent, guardian, or other person responsible for bringing and picking up a student does not have a valid driver’s license, they must carry some form of photo ID ie: state ID, school picture ID, etc. 

Traffic and Parking Procedures

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for your child, and a more convenient experience for each driver.

A coned drop-off zone is closest to the school. Students should only exit the car on the curb side for safety. The driver will remain in the car when using this lane. Once the student exits the vehicle, the driver will pull out of the coned area, and into the continuous traffic lane.

Between the parking spots and the coned area will be a continuous traffic lane. Drivers in this middle lane will not drop off children and will not exit the vehicle.

All preschool parents need to escort their children to their class each day. When a parent wishes to enter the school, please park your car in a designated parking spot. Please do not park in any “No Parking” zones. 

Pick Up and Drop Off Policy

Elementary Pick Up- Please pull into the coned off section on Greenfield street to allow through traffic to continue on the other side. Each student who is indicated on their paperwork as a parent pick-up will be provided with a Car Card that will have your student’s name on it. Each family will be given two Car Cards. These cards must be visible to school personnel while in the Pick Up Lane. Once you have pulled up to a safe distance, your student will be called on our communication system and released to you. If you do not have a card visible, we reserve the right to request you to pull over, come into the security desk, and show proper identification.

Drop Off- All students being dropped off (with the exception of preschool) must follow the above Traffic Procedures for morning drop off. This will ensure all student safety during the morning rush.