In existence since 2015, the Heritage Christian School Partnership Program provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations to make a financial donation to the school and partner with a student or multiple students at the same time.

Who benefits from the Partnership Program?

  1. The student- Having a partner is very special to our students. A partner represents someone who cares about them and their education. Students often look at their partner as a mentor in their life.
  2. The partner- Participants in our program often speak about how rewarding it is to partner with a Heritage Christian student, learn about them and their school, and be a positive role model in their lives. Many partners have also commented as to how being a partner has had such a positive impact on their lives.
  3. The teacher- Our teachers get to know a partner who has a child in their classroom. They understand the difference a partner can make in a student’s life.
  4. The school- Heritage Christian School serves families from urban Canton and the surrounding areas. Nearly 90% of our students attend Heritage Christian through Ohio EdChoice scholarships because they are assigned to a public school that is designated as underperforming or their family meets poverty criteria. The state of Ohio pays Heritage Christian School a set amount for each qualifying student. With that scholarship, the student attends without paying tuition. Unfortunately, the amount of scholarship funds Heritage Christian School receives from the state for a student does not cover the school’s cost to educate that student. Thus, there is a financial gap of approximately $3,500 per student and the school must raise those funds. Your financial donation to the Partnership Program helps to close those gaps and provides a student with an excellent education at a quality school.


For more details and to become a partner, click HERE to download a Partnership Program brochure.