There are three ways to pay for preschool

  1. JOBS publicly funded childcare is accepted! JOBS
  2. An Ohio grant is available based on family income, while spots are available. The grant is for part-time schedules and prioritizes students who are four years old. Additional spots may be granted to three year old students after October 1.
    Early Childhood Expansion Scholarship
  3. Families may private pay tuition per the schedule below. Tuition assistance is available for families who qualify.
All preschool tuition includes meals. Full days include breakfast, lunch & pm snack, half days include breakfast and lunch.


Days Attended Weekly Amount 9 Monthly Payments 18 Bi-Monthly Payments Annual
5 FULL Days $165.00 $751.67 $375.83 $6,765
4 FULL Days $150.00 $683.33 $341.67 $6,150
3 FULL Days $135.00 $615.00 $307.50 $5,535
2 FULL Days $120.00 $546.67 $273.33 $4,920


B) Half-day is anytime between 7:00AM and 12:00PM and includes a snack and lunch.

Days Attended Weekly Amount 9 Monthly Payments 18 Bi-Monthly Payments Annual
5 HALF Days $115.00 $523.88 $261.94 $4,715
4 HALF Days $105.00 $478.33 $239.17 $4,305
3 HALF Days $95.00 $432.78 $216.39 $3,895
2 HALF Days $85.00 $387.22 $193.61 $3,485


Preschool families receive a sibling tuition discount if 2 or more children from the same family attend HCS full-time. The discount is 20% for each additional child.

Tuition agreements must be signed upon registration at which time monthly or bi-monthly payment plans are established. If you wish to change enrollment schedules a new tuition agreement will be created and replace the previous agreement.

Tuition can be paid a variety of ways to Main Office or Preschool Office. Forms of acceptable payment include but are not limited to: cash, check, money order, credit/debit card.

Additional Enrollment Information

At time of registration please bring the following:

  • Completed Enrollment Packet
  • $60 Enrollment Fee
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card