School Year Field Trips

School Year Field TripsAll students will participate in two field trips to encourage hands-on learning: Ramseyer Farms and the McKinley Museum. Students in the Pre-Kindergarten classes (ages 4 and 5) will go on a third field trip to Sarah Care for Missions month in March.

Storybook Unit

Heritage Christian Preschool desires to instill a positive Christian outlook on the month of October by encouraging parent and child involvement through reading. Storybook month challenges our students to strive for success by meeting and exceeding a goal of 500 books read by October 31st. To celebrate our achievement we host a Storybook party where the children dress as their favorite storybook characters, join in activities, and showcase our accomplishments as we fellowship with K-7.

Spanish Month

During the month of February, the preschool focuses on diversity and the Spanish culture. Our high school Spanish teacher and the high school Spanish class come down to the preschool classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to teach the preschool different Spanish themed lessons. Each high school student teaches our preschool a mini lesson on different topics. These students, along with the teacher cover colors, numbers, animals, greetings, and people. The students play Spanish games with the preschool to help them better understand the Spanish words. At the end of the month, we have a fiesta with the Spanish students. We eat Mexican food, hit a piñata, make maracas, and the high school students make Spanish books for each student that covers topics the preschoolers learned. The children have fun learning how to speak Spanish and love learning from older students at Heritage Christian School, in turn, the students receive valuable experience with public speaking and leadership.

Missions Month

Missions MonthDuring the month of March, HCS preschool focuses on the importance of missions. We recognize that our world and our community have people with needs. Our desire is to reach out beyond our four walls and touch the hearts and lives of people in our community. Each class learns what it means when the Bible says, “It is better to give than to receive”. At the beginning of the month, each preschool class is given a jar in which the children and families are asked to bring in money donations. There is always a fun contest to see which class can bring in the most funds! At the end of the month, the money donated is used to purchase warm blankets, sock, and other useful items to meet the needs of the elderly at Sarah Care Adult Day Care Center in Canton. The best part is when our pre-kindergarten classes have the opportunity to go on a field trip to Sarah Care at the end of the month to visit and deliver our gifts in person. The children have fun shining the light of Jesus with the people at Sarah Care by singing songs, reading books and participating in designing a nice craft together. 


Your child will have the opportunity to nurture a love of reading in a fun and exciting atmosphere! This travelling library comes at the beginning of each month with a new theme and fun interactive stories. Students can then check out a book that is kept in their classroom.