Heritage Christian School is pleased to offer a new option for families called Heritage@Home. We know that some parents are seeking an online-only education for their child. Through Heritage@Home, we are excited to partner with an online-only expert for Christian instruction, supplemented with great Heritage Christian School benefits! Here’s how Heritage@Home works:

  • Heritage@Home is a separate education track from the usual Heritage Christian School enrollment. Children enrolled in Heritage@Home will still be Heritage Christian School students, but will be online only learning at their own home. Heritage@Home is offered starting at Kindergarten!
  • Heritage@Home students will receive a laptop from Heritage to use for the school year, and will use a web portal for their core curriculum through a partner who has expertise in online instruction. Some specials (such as art and gym) will be offered as a supplement and provided by Heritage teachers online. Parents will need to make sure that their home has reliable internet for the student’s success.
  • Heritage@Home students are welcome to join other students in-person for Heritage’s chapel, field trips, sports, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Heritage@Home students will work through online modules at their own pace. While specific questions will be directed to the online teacher, Heritage will have also have a coordinator here at the school as a parent resource.
  • Heritage@Home students will be required to come in-person to the school for state and standardized testing.
  • The Heritage@Home online learning portal has access for parents to easily monitor student progress. In addition, students will also be given a Heritage report card.
  • The cost of tuition and fees for Heritage@Home is the same as classroom instruction. Since the student remains a Heritage student, nothing changes with your EdChoice or other scholarships.
  • Students with an IEP, or who qualify for Title services, will still have services available through the Heritage team.
  • School breakfasts and lunches will be available for Heritage@Home students, with meals available for pick-up according to a schedule.
  • When you notify us that you are choosing Heritage@Home instead of the classroom setting, we may fill your child’s seat in the class with students on the waiting list. Please note that switching back to our traditional classroom is ONLY an option if a seat in the classroom is available. If the parent wants to switch from Heritage@Home back to our traditional classroom instruction, there are two timeframes when this may be possible:
    • The first timeframe is within the first two weeks of school. Parents would need to contact the office by the second week of school to see if it is possible for their child to switch from Heritage@Home to the classroom.
    • The second timeframe is the end of the first semester. Parents would need to contact the office by the end of the first semester to see if it is possible for their child to switch from Heritage@Home to the classroom.
    • If you want to switch back to the classroom and there isn’t a seat open in the class, your child will need to continue with Heritage@Home online only.
    • If your child starts Heritage@Home because he or she is on the waiting list, you will be contacted as soon as a classroom seat becomes available, and you could be given the option to switch at that time.
  • All Heritage Christian School students will be placed in the traditional classroom for the upcoming school year unless the parent calls the office to enroll in Heritage@Home instead.
  • Interested parents must enroll in Heritage@Home at least two weeks prior to the start of the school year to start the school year on time.

Please contact the office with any questions or concerns that you have at offices@hcscanton.org or 330-452-8271. We look forward to launching this new option to serve students!