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Heritage Christian School primarily serves families from inner-city Canton and the surrounding Stark County area. Over the years, we have witnessed the lives of many of our students being positively impacted both academically and spiritually. Close to 80% of our students attend using state scholarships or tuition assistance and approximately 65% participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

There remains a significant gap between what Heritage receives and our actual cost per student. That gap amounts to approximately $3,500 per student per year. The only way we can continue to make our education affordable for all families is through the generous support of individuals, businesses, and the churches. By partnering with a student, you are closing that gap while helping all of our students receive the quality education they deserve.

Partnership Levels:

FULL PARTNER- Your contribution of $3,500 will sponsor one student for a school year. Twice a year, you will be invited to a Partner Day where you can attend a program, take part in a classroom activity and have lunch with your student. Although you are not required to attend, Partner Days provide an excellent opportunity for both the partners and the students to get to know one another. Also, our students send two letters per year to their partners to share updates on their lives, with teacher comments as well.

HALF PARTNER- Your contribution of $1,750 will sponsor a student for one-half of the school year. Like the Full Partner level, you will have opportunities to interact with your student. You will be invited to a Partner Day and you will receive a letter from your student, along with teacher comments.               


DAY PARTNER- Your contribution of $555 will sponsor a class for a day. As a Day partner, you will receive a thank you letter from the class, as well as an update from the teacher.

LEGACY PARTNER- Your contribution of $10,500 will sponsor three students for the year. Being a Legacy Partner is similar to being a Full Partner, except  that your partnership will bless multiple students.

CONQUEROR PARTNER- Your contribution of $24,500 will sponsor seven students for the year. You will receive the benefits of being a Full Partner while blessing even more students.


At Heritage Christian School, we are witnessing the positive transformation of so many students’ lives. Your partnership in our mission will have a significant impact on our students and community as a whole. Together we can make a difference. Please contact Todd Bentzel, Director of Development, at or call him directly at 330-452-8271 ext. 318

To download a brochure, click Partnership Program.