Wish List -- Can you help?

Heritage faculty and staff recently updated this "Wish List" of items to help support the classrooms, offices and building. Please click READ MORE to see if you can help! Thank you! Updated February 2016.



Anthony, Lisa

MS Math

Class set (30) of plastic protractors, Clorox wipes, dry erase markers (low odor), pencils, college-rule loose leaf notebook paper, candy rewards, post-it notes.

Brittain, Lori

MS Science

Electric pencil sharpener, sticky notes, snacks

Burton, Tricia

Pre-K (4-5 yr)

Educational board games and computer games (preschool)

Davidson, Amanda

Pre-K (4-5 yr)

Baby dolls, stuffed animals, legos, toy cars, educational games (preschool), art supplies, art supplies, globe dress up clothes, small (lined) whiteboards.

Croston, Karen

HS Math

College ruled paper, supply of graph paper, supply of mechanical pencils, supply of M & M's to use as incentive.

Charlton, Sarah

First Grade

Dry erase markers, erasers, extra pencils, stickers, electric pencil sharpener, bean bag chairs, and head phones for listening at reading stations.

Granger, Adam

MS History

World History DVD’s for middle school students

Graybeal, Heidi

Second Grade

Stickers, extra pencils, construction paper in all colors (11x13), colored dry erase markers, and electronic pencil sharpener

Howe, Stacy

6-12 Spanish

Dry erase markers (any color), small candy for prizes, spanish posters, DVD program:El cuarto misterioso 1 from EMC publishing, pencils, classroom set of Spanish to English dictionaries.

Higginbotham, Nick

Third Grade

Pencils, stickers, spiral notebooks, electric pencil sharpener, popsicle sticks, post it notes.

Kindler, Kristi

Fifth Grade

Air conditioning, staplers, three-hole punch, science equipment - specifically items for our electricity/magnetism unit., small digital camera, dry erase markers, #2 pencils, pens (red, blue or black), new 24- slot mailboxes (not cardboard), Bibles for classroom use, new chair for the teacher desk, Clorox wipes, and electric pencil sharpeners, college-ruled loose leaf paper, plastic shoe boxes, graph paper.

Heade, Kathrine

HS History

Dry erase markers (any color), electric pencil sharpener, any history books/novels/biographies, pencils, pens, old maps, post-it notes.

McConahay, Rebecca

Fourth Grade

Electric pencil sharpeners, Clorox/Lysol wipes, magnetic tape rolls, teachers pay teachers.com gift cards, paper towels, dry erase markers, rolls of packing tape.

Morrish, Karen

First Grade

Fiction or non fiction books for 1st grade library, dry erase markers, #2 pencils, glue sticks, large pink erasers

Mortier, Nannette 

Fourth Grade

Stickers, fans, pencil sharpeners (electric), magnetic tape, kleenex, staples, staplers, small white boards (20-30), colored sharpies, 3 hole 2 pocket folders, colored dry erase markers

Nedelka, Tracy

HS English

Walmart gift card to purchase candy and class incentives, English/Language Arts posters and resources for classroom.

Norris, Lisa

Third Grade

File folders, pencils, pens, white construction paper, paper towels, Clorox wipes, pipe cleaners, stickers, colored sharpies, 3 prong folders with pockets, rubber bands, yellow or colored chalk, bean bag chairs, white 11X13 paper, washable fine tip markers , paper towels, wide plastic tape.

Ochsenfeld, Stephanie



8 pk large crayons, scissors, glue, paper towels, dry erase markers (black)

Pasco, Megan


First Grade

Bean bag chairs, stickers, 1st grade classroom games, pencils & pink jumbo erasers, large anchor chart (white paper) and stand, file folders

Hale, Candice


Old magazines, Lysol wipes, electric pencil sharpener, tube watercolor paints, pie tins (unused), document camera, safety kit linoleum for printinmaking, meat (foam) trays, paper towels, kleenex, quality paint brushes, light boxes, bookshelves/cubbies any type of storage, watercolor paper

Lautanen, Matt

Creative Writing

Electric pencil sharpener, paint for walls and blackboard, composition books, couch/bean bag chairs, highlighters

Robinson, Karla


Electric Pencil sharpener, pencils, pens, art supplies, notebook paper, three hole punch, sticky notes, big rolls of masking tape

Richard, Darla


 Leap Frog reading and learning electronics and accessories, new or used (Kindergarten). Large 8 pack crayons, 24 pack crayons, fruit snacks, scissors , and erasers. (Typical class size is 16)

Serafino. Hannah

Second Grade

Dry erase boards for individual use, small dry erase board markers to use with boards, fans, pencils, dry erase markers, cabinets for storage, 2nd grade level reading books.

West, Diane

MS Language

 MS Christian chapter books for classroom library, bookshelf, colored gel pens, folders, packaging tape (clear), chart paper, dry erase markers, dark colors (blue, black green or purple)                                                

Wilson, Crystal

Second Grade

Dry erase markers, #2 pencils, glue sticks, heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener

Williams, Amie


Dry erase markers, board games (Candyland, Sorry, Scrabble, Checkers, Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly), composition notebooks, crayons, pencils, clothes pins, craft sticks (small and large), portable CD player with headphone jack (s), manila folders, hanging file folders

Lautanen, Kristen

Elem. Computers

New mouse pads (30+), new tables & chairs, air conditioning unit

 Davis, Danielle


 6 rubber bowling balls (different colors), 6 mesh ball bags, 6 frisbees (dfferent colors), 6 rhino skinned dodgeballs (different colors), basketball racks, poly spots (different colors), 4 pop up soccer/hockey goals, 30-40 jerseys/pennies ( at least 4 different colors), whiteboard on wheels

Woodring, Lori


Book donations, rolls of clear contact paper, paper towels, monetary donations ( to be used for purchasing new books as well as supplies for labeling)

Watson, Anthony



Donations to go towards repair and replacement of HCS band/classroom instruments. Other band instruments in good condition (flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, trumpets, trombones, etc.), another percussion bell kit for the school (like the ones percussionists currently use), drum sticks (size 5B) & mallets, band folders (from Lazar music), a baritone saxophone, another 3/4 tuba,  congas and/or bongo drums on stands, replacement of suspended cymbal, and cymbals with band room drum set, new elementary instruments (xylophones & metalaphones of various sizes) tamborines, small drums, etc., classroom piano pedal repaired, pianos tuned.

Materials: Kleenex, Clorox wipes for music rooms, hand sanitizer, Sharpies (black and silver), Dry-erase markers, dry-erase board cleaner, CD's of classical music collections
Equipment: - Stage lighting replacement phases continued through Janson Industries, auditorium sound system overhaul, 4 sets of new portable risers, a choir folder rack, 1/2 inch (black or maroon) 3-ring binders for choirs, auxiliary percussion stand, more 1/4 inch & XLR new cables, a couple wireless microphones for auditorium use.

Super Room

Recess room playground equipment (Preschool- 5th Grade), books/games school-age, computers and computer games (3-5 yr)

Grove, Holly


Ethnically diverse baby dolls, washable bean bag chairs, more indoor gym equipment (ages 3 and up) for the Recess Room. area rugs(Here's a great example: http://www.rugheaven.com/product_great_commission.asp.) Books with story on CD, children's music CDs, one CD player/tape player, Marbleworks (Discovery Toys), computers for child use (1-2 per classroom), Bible story books,computer games for ages 3-5, Preschool science sets, and educational games. Dry erase markers, tissues, folders, Lysol/Clorox wipes, small individual white boards, and baby wipes.

Recess Room

Teeter totter, Pipeworks  or Toobeez, volleyball net and stands, play kitchen, dolls and doll house, sliding board, Sportwall... (info can be found at exergames.com), mats or pads to cover pillars, building blocks, Little Tykes climbing toys, playhouses, lightweight balls, construction tubes, building blocks, Duplo building sets, Lego table and Legos


3 more wireless hubs, spare laser mice and old dvd players for classrooms


Bread cutter, pizza cutter, 1/2 size commercial sheet pans (GFS Marketplace), commercial pot holder (GFS Marketplace), silverware. mixed matched is fine . . mostly forks and spoons (used is fine also)

HS Science

2 or 3 binocular microscopes to use in Biology and A & P classes

High School General

3 electric hole punch machines, general teacher supplies (pens, paper, highlighters, etc.),  spiritual/ motivational posters for classrooms.


Paint clean up and faucet on sink repaired


Carpet sweepers -- regular vacuum cleaners, 4’ fluorescent tubes, T-12, snow shovels, 4 tool kits for each level of the school for basic maintenance.

Volunteer Needs

TRIP needs a few PARENT volunteers to keep things running smoothly. Time commitment is 1-2 hours on Monday and about an hour on Friday morning. Anyone interested should let the Main office know. Computer skills not needed-will train, Volunteers in the Ben Carson Reading Room, Small projects requiring some "handyman/handywoman"; miscellaneous scrap metal and appliances need to be hauled away; re-upholstering several auditorium seats and backs -- cushions are easily removed by turning a few screws. Small and large paint projects; paint spatter clean-up

Donations of time/ expertise

Faucet "screen"-cleaning. Plumbing repairs on a volunteer basis to help us keep things in working order and help with occasional emergency repairs. Materials provided -- just need donations of time and expertise! Wood and furniture refinisher to refinish doors and display case.