Academic Excellence | Bible-Based | Community Commitment

    Heart of Heritage is a new form of fundraising that is being implemented at Heritage this year. Our goal is to build relationships with members of our community. We want to find ways for the public to connect with our mission here of Academic Excellence, Bible-base, and Community Commitment. The best way for you to truly find out how this simple mission changes lives is to go on one of our tours. It is unlike any tour of our school we have ever given. Come and be a part of this experience as you hear stories about how the school has affected the lives of our students, families and staff.


Here is the process:

1) Come on a tour! See how God is using the staff here at HCS to minister to each child daily as they receive an excellent education. You will have an opportunity to hear about a couple of students that really exemplify the ABC's we strive for everyday.

2) We will call you to get your feedback. How did you like the tour? There might have been a department that you want to know more about.

3) We will ask you if you know anyone in your circle of friends, family, or associates that should experience the tour.

4) You will then have an opportunity to attend our Heart of Heritage Breakfast Event in the Spring with other members of the community that came on the tour during the year. If you feel led in your heart to help us in any area of need, this is your time to do so.

It is all really that simple. Our main goal is to connect more with the community and give people an opportunity to see who we are.

To set up a tour, please contact Todd Bentzel, Fund Development Director

at 330-452-8271 ext. 318 or email