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Heritage Christian School is a 501c3 organization. Your tax-deductible gift makes a tremendous impact upon the lives of the students at Heritage Christian School. Below are several ways to give:

In existence since 2015, the Heritage Christian School Partnership Program provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals, businesses, churches, and foundations to make a financial donation to the school and partner with a student or multiple students at the same time.

Who benefits from the Partnership Program?

  1. The student- Having a partner is very special to our students. A partner represents someone who cares about them and their education. Students often look at their partner as a mentor in their life.
  2. The partner- Participants in our program often speak about how rewarding it is to partner with a Heritage Christian student, learn about them and their school, and be a positive role model in their lives. Many partners have also commented as to how being a partner has had such a positive impact on their lives.
  3. The teacher- Our teachers get to know a partner who has a child in their classroom. They understand the difference a partner can make in a student’s life.
  4. The school- Heritage Christian School serves families from urban Canton and the surrounding areas. Nearly 90% of our students attend Heritage Christian through Ohio EdChoice scholarships because they are assigned to a public school that is designated as underperforming or their family meets poverty criteria. The state of Ohio pays Heritage Christian School a set amount for each qualifying student. With that scholarship, the student attends without paying tuition. Unfortunately, the amount of scholarship funds Heritage Christian School receives from the state for a student does not cover the school’s cost to educate that student. Thus, there is a financial gap of approximately $3,500 per student and the school must raise those funds. Your financial donation to the Partnership Program helps to close those gaps and provides a student with an excellent education at a quality school.


For more details and to become a partner, click HERE to download a Partnership Program brochure.

Our annual Heart of Heritage Fundraiser Event will take place on November 14, 2019 at the school. Please join us for a great evening of food, fellowship, and music while getting an opportunity to meet some of our students and staff. During a short program, you will see and hear about the tremendous work that is taking place at Heritage Christian School. Students and staff will highlight our mission of ABCs:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Bible Based Instruction & Mentoring
  • Community Commitment

Not only does this event bring in needed funds to help support our Partnership Program, but it gives members of our community the chance to experience the same joy that our children bring to Heritage Christian School daily.

Whether you make a one-time gift or would like to donate on a regular monthly basis, you will be making a tremendous difference in the lives of our students at Heritage Christian School. Donations can be made via the phone at 330-452-8271 Ext. 300, or by mailing your check payable to “Heritage Christian School” to:

 Todd Bentzel, Director of Development
Heritage Christian School
2107 Sixth St. S.W.
Canton, Ohio 44706

Perhaps you are a parent of a student at HCS, an HCS alumnus, a Lincoln High alumnus, or someone who loves the arts and supports Christian education. No matter what connection you may have, your support of our Auditorium Seat Project will help to restore our beautiful and massive auditorium for decades to come. The years have taken a toll on our seats and they are in need of repair. Our lower bowl, which seats nearly 600 individuals, is used weekly for chapel services, as well as for student activities, plays, and concerts. Your donation will help repair the seats while providing you with an opportunity to honor someone with a commemorative plaque. We hope that you will join us in this venture as we preserve our great auditorium for generations of Heritage Christian students, as well as our community. Click HERE to download a brochure.