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What is FACTS? FACTS is an online tool Heritage Christian uses to keep track of the financial obligations of the parents. Each Heritage family will be entered into FACTS to manage Activity Fees and New Student Registration Fees. 

How can I apply for Tuition Assistance? If you do not qualify for state scholarships through Ohio EdChoice, you may qualify for internal assistance. You will need to:



  1. Create an account by following the Facts Management Link.
  2. Insert your financial information following the prompts. A one time fee of $30.00 is required.
  3. Submit your request for Assistance.
  4. Pam Moody, Tuition Accounts, will contact you with the results of the application and will set up payment arrangements for your tuition. Additional fees for payment arrangements vary.

When can I apply? You can apply at anytime. However, there is a limited amount of money available through FACTS. February 1st is the first day new funds for the following school year are available. The sooner you apply, the more funds you will have access to.

  • Example: If you apply in the summer, you may qualify for more assistance according to your income, but the available funds will limit the financial award granted.

Am I guaranteed the same award amount for the school each year?  No. You must reapply every year for the coming school year. This takes some planning on your part, but it has been a huge blessing to several past and current Heritage families.

Further questions? Contact the Main Office at 330-452-8271 or email Pam Moody, Tuition Accounts. at

Learn More at FACTSMGT.COM