HCS Honors Heroes of Flight 93 and 9.11

More than $1530 Raised!
Middle school and high school students at Heritage gathered to remember the heroes of Flight 93 and 9/11 on Monday, Sept. 10. 2012 at 8:30 a.m. Heritage spent many months of the past school year learning about Flight 93 and 9/11/01, visiting the Flight 93 National Memorial, attending the national dedication ceremony, and raising and donating money to help fund completion of the national memorial. On Sept. 10, Sharon Deitrick, founder of 93 Cents for Flight 93,spoke to students and was presented with a check for more than $1530, which was raised 93 cents at time, in many cases. Heritage also will present her with a Flight 93 banner, signed by hundreds of students, families and community leaders, that will be housed in the national memorial. Heritage students continue to honor and tell the story of the many heroes who willingly gave their lives to protect the lives and freedoms of others.