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Ohio offers FREE tuition scholarships that can be used at private schools across the state! There are several kinds of scholarships described below.  Once you receive a scholarship, the scholarships can be renewed each year through the student’s graduation from high school! Below is information on three different scholarship options offered in Ohio:

  • EdChoice Traditional Scholarship – ANY student at ANY of these Stark County schools is eligible for a FREE tuition scholarship through Ohio EdChoice because these schools are on the list of underperforming schools in Ohio. The application window is open from February through April, and again in the month of July.
    • Plain Middlebranch Elementary K-4
    • Perry Lohr Elementary K-4
    • Perry Genoa Elementary K-4
    • North Canton Greentown Intermediate 3-5
    • Northwest W. S. Stinson Elementary 3-5
    • Fairless Fairless Elementary K-5
    • Canton City Allen Elementary K-2
    • Canton City Schreiber Elementary K-2
    • Canton City Belden Elementary 3-5
    • Canton City Belle Stone Elementary K-2
    • Canton City Digital Academy 7-12
    • Canton City Canton Early College at Crenshaw 6-8
    • Canton City Cedar Elementary 3-5
    • Canton City Choices Alternative School 10-12
    • Canton City Clarendon Elementary 3-5
    • Canton City Dueber Elementary K-2
    • Canton City Gibbs Elementary 3-5
    • Canton City Hartford Middle School 6-8
    • Canton City Lehman Middle School 6-8
    • Canton City Worley Elementary School K-5
    • Canton City Youtz Elementary 3-5
    • Alliance Rockhill Elementary 1-3 
    • Alliance Parkway Elementary 1-3

Want to see schools on the free tuition list that are outside of Stark County? Click here for the full listing.

  • EdChoice Expansion Scholarship - Don't see your school on the scholarship list? Good news! There is a second scholarship called EdChoice Expansion that is available for ALL Ohio students entering grades K-6 and is based only on family income. If your family income falls at or below the levels shown here, you can qualify for this scholarship! The application window is open from February through April only.

Number in Household

Family Income















For each additional person add:



  • Jon Peterson Scholarship – If your student lives in Ohio and has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) your student is eligible for the Jon Peterson scholarship. No income or location restrictions apply, and the window is open all year so that families can apply anytime. One note: IEPs for only speech services do not cover tuition through the Jon Peterson Scholarship.

My Child is Eligible!

If you believe that your student qualifies for a scholarship, the process begins by applying to a participating school, such as Heritage Christian School in Canton. The school you choose must submit your scholarship application. For a full list of private schools who accept the scholarship, click here.

Need More Information?

To enroll at Heritage Christian School, push the “Enroll Now” button or call 330-452-8271 (Option 4)

For scholarship questions and help with all of your school choice options, contact School Choice Ohio at or call 614-223-1555.

You can also contact the Ohio Department of Education at 1-877-644-6338 or visit the EdChoice page at: