Coaches: Stacy Howe and Nan Mortier 

Alma Mater

At the end of each Varsity Basketball home game, it is a Heritage tradition to have all staff, students, parents, and other HCS supporters stand on the court together to sing the Alma Mater! Win or lose, we are ONE!

At Heritage our glory is for Him and not for us. We are more than conquerors, in God in whom we trust.We will wear the armor of God with pride as we stand up for truth and love. For all you've done and are going to do, we thank you God above.


Cheer Along!

Conqueror fans help us out

C'mon crowd lets hear you shout

H-C-S c'mon H-C-S

Conquerors lets win

C'mon crowd lets do it again

Yell beat those lions, c'mon beat those lions

Conquerors don't stop take it to the top

Yell H-C-S, beat those lions, C'mon H-C-S, beat those lions. 

Y-E-L-L-, Y-E-L-L everybody yell go Heritage ,Go Conquerors, go Conquerors Go!

We are Heritage #1

Conqueror fans yell G

Conqueror fans yell O

Conqueror fans, help us out

 Go Conquerors Go! 

 C’mon let’s fight, Red and White

Let’s go, G-O, really get it moving now

Yell it louder now, lets go Conquerors

W-I-N go Conquerors lets win

You’ve got to want it to win it so Go Big Red

H-C-S #1 We’re the BEST!

 The hoop is open, the net is HOT

 Make that shot, sink it.  S-I-N-K Sink it, sink it hey!

Defense let’s fire it up, defense get tough

Defense Conquerors, Conquerors play defense

T-A-K-E defense, take that ball away

Defense attack get that ball back

D-E-F-E-N-S-E defense get that ball, lets GO

Hey Hey what do you say, someone take that

Ball away!

 O-F-F-E-N-S-E offense move that ball let’s go 

Shoot 2,2,2 Shoot 2 to the basket, shoot 2 to the rim 

Shoot 2 to the basket, up up in S-C-O-R-E score Conquerors Score H-O-O-P hoop that shoot!

Spirit Week!

Spirit Week will take place the week of January 19th.

Teacher Tuesday (Dress like your favorite teacher)
Wacky Wednesday (mismatch clothes)
Tacky Tourist Thursday 
Spirit Friday