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Students are taught to use music as a means of expressing themselves and their praise to God.

First Grade & Second Grade

Explore the language of music through music theory and through the skills of reading music, singing, playing and listening to music.

Third Grade

Students will be taught the basics of playing the piano

Fourth Grade

In 4th Grade music, we will continue to build on what we have learned in the past. However, during the second semester, students will have the opportunity to learn the recorder. The recorder is a clarinet-like instrument that is easy to play and sounds great! Students will be able to experience the procedure of learning an instrument, as well as what it is like to play in a group or ensemble. Going through the recorder program is a good way to determine if a student will have interest in playing in band, which they will have the opportunity to do in 5th Grade.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade music will start to take the shape of our secondary music classes, band and choir. We meet two days a week. One of the days will be a choir day and the other a band day. In choir we will discuss the correct way to sing, different singing styles, and begin singing in parts. This also serves as our general music time where we may learn rhythms, notes, and musical terms. Towards the beginning of the year, 5th graders will also have the opportunity to rent a real band instrument. This is a great opportunity to get experience playing in a group and on a band instrument. It is always nice to see how they have progressed from recorders to the real deal! This allows our 5th graders to have a good idea if they will be interested in band or choir when they reach middle school.