Students will explore their creative side while learning about the elements of art and design.  Technology in art making will also be woven in through the year for students. Projects will be carefully selected to be displayed in the hallways and for the spring art show.  We will look at past and current artists for inspiration. We will also consider the beauty of God's creation as we ourselves were made in God's image. 

Below is the outline for upper school students as art electives:

2D Design - Beginning High School Art (half a credit)

2D design to recap some of the fundamental elements of visual design. This course will encourage the development of painting and drawing skills as well as introduce some new and different two dimensional techniques including: Street art stenciling, Accordion book project and more. 

3D Design- Intermediate High School Art (half a credit) 

3D design is intended to challenge students to design more complex artwork which explore art designs that are off the page and in three dimensional forms. This course may include project like:  Altered books, Pottery, creating a marionette, and more. 

Digital Media- High School Accelerated Art (half a credit)

Art III is designed for students to explore art making through digital media including graphic design and photography. The graphic design class will learn about typography, considering font styles and what best fits a logo or communicates a message well. They will explore design creation using type and even use type to create self-portrait. In photography the students will learn about parts of a DSLR camera. Students will consider composition and have a series of photo assignments. They will then learn to edit their images using photoshop. 

Student Portfolio- Advanced High School Art (Half of a credit)

Student portfolio is designed for students to further explore media, artists, and creative design for the purpose of developing an artist portfolio. Students will photograph their art work and learn to put their work on a cd. They will also help with the display plans for the student art show and be responsible for displaying their own portfolio.