A processional of robes strolled down the auditorium aisles, but it wasn’t a graduation ceremony. Instead, Heritage Christian School was celebrating the transition to a Classical approach to education with the Inaugural Formal Hall.

 Faculty and staff dressed in robes and regalia associated with the college they attended and academic success obtained. This formality set the tone for the evening of celebration, which included musical performances, student recitation of historical works, awards, and community member inductions into the new Heritage Christian School Hall of Honor.

 With each award named after a historical leader, Hall of Honor inductees were recognized and received a medal. The Windows of Heaven Foundation received The Nettie Fowler McCormick Philanthropic Award, and long-time Board member and volunteer Robert Harmelink was awarded The Joshua Son of Nun Leadership Award for his many years of leadership. J. Howard Pizor received The Booker T. Washington Administrator Award with a standing ovation. Carol Moosey, retired Heritage Kindergarten teacher, was given the C.S. Lewis Educator Award in the presence of former students. The Hall of Honor inductees concluded with Morris DuBose receiving The Dorothy Vaughan Support Staff Award for his critical work.

In addition, music educator Anthony Watson, Sr. was awarded a Classical Music Title of Distinction. It was pronounced that hereafter, he would we addressed as Maestro Watson to recognize his accomplishments.

 A shining event of the evening was the signing of the Declaration of Enlightenment by students in the Class of 2017. Skillfully drafted by students, the Declaration of Enlightenment is a defining document that will be displayed at Heritage for the benefit of future generations. An excerpt follows:

 “When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to take action and declare our Christianity, to take a stand and separate ourselves from the status quo set by a broken society, to take rapturous hold of our education and the education of generations to come, a decent response to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare independence from apathetic daily rituals to a pursuit of learning married with logical thinking and discourse, a fervent desire to voyage towards the direction of true North...We, therefore, the representatives of the Heritage Christian School student body, appealing to the Almighty Father, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, do solemnly publish and declare that, as the classes of 2017 and 2018, we stand behind this transition to classical education; that this transition will produce a generation of great thinkers; that this transition will make our school a brighter beacon of educational light in a world of darkness; that we break free from the chains of conformity and pursue the path to a classically trained Christian education; that we are now held to higher standards; that we will expect more out of each other and push one another to new limits ‘for we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.’ Romans 8:37

 While the transition to the Classical approach to education will take several years to complete across all grades, the Inaugural Formal Hall was an opportunity to celebrate the past 49 years of Heritage Christian School history, while looking with anticipation into the next era of success.