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Shop with TRIP helps Heritage families reduce the cost of tuition through purchases of gift certificates. Heritage Christian School orders bulk quantities of gift certificates from a specified list of grocery and department stores, restaurants, retail clothing stores, service stations and more. Families order gift certificates through the Heritage office and we supply them to you. These certificates are sold at face value. When you purchase any gift certificate, you receive a specified discount that is applied directly to your Scrip account. With every order, you will receive a printout showing your purchases and your "net profit." You also will receive another order form. Then, twice a year, we deduct the amount accumulated in your Scrip account from your Tuition bill or Activity Fee. (A very small portion of each certificate purchase is used to cover the costs of running the program.)

Here’s how it works.

  1. Visit the Main Office or go to to set up a Scrip account. You must enter the enrollment code B349L1983L21 to earn cash for an account at HCS.
  2. Order gift certificates through Heritage from the listed retailers and businesses. These gift certificates are accepted like cash by the merchants and can be used as payment for products and services. Friends and extended family can order certificates through your Scrip account.
  3. Order forms, accompanied by cash, credit card, or check made payable to Heritage Christian School with “Scrip" in  the memo, are due to the Main Office on Mondays by 9 a.m. They are processed and ready for you by Friday of the same week. Families may order weekly or on an occasional basis.
  4. You may choose to designate that your Scrip profits go to another family’s account or back to Heritage.
  5. Watch your tuition savings add up with each gift certificate purchase! In December, we run a report of your accumulated Scrip credits or "profits" and apply that amount toward reducing your January tuition payment. In May, we do the same for your June payment. Please note: if you pre-pay your tuition, your Scrip credits can be deducted from the next year's tuition amount.
If you have questions, please contact KiOnna Meager in the Heritage Main Office at (330) 452-8271 ext. 307 or email